Massage and Body

At The Natural Beauty Spot & Skin Plus Beauty we have a range of different of different massages and body treatments for you to choose from. Book an appointment on 9791 9417 or come in and discuss your needs.


The systematic assessment and treatment of the muscle and connective tissues of the body, to assist in Prevention, rehabilitation, pain and injury. The benefits include but not limited to:

  • Reduced muscle tension and soreness
  • improved circulation
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • relaxation of stress hormones
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility

Reviver Massage

A firm massage, with kneading and pressure point techniques to relieve tension and improve Chi energy. Using “Doterra Essential Oils” (world leaders in their field) we combine Eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender oils to assist in healing and rebalancing. The massage is completed with the use of Hot towel compresses.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A light pressured massage specifically designed to assist in draining the spent lymph and debris into the circulatory system to be flushed out by the body. Here we use Doterra Essential Oils – Orange, Lemon and Geranium. This can be a whole body or a localised area treatment.

Slimming Massage

Using Fast deep pressures that reactivate the fat release process in order to eliminate localised fat. Assisting to improve skin tone and general skin health in the area. Using Doterra Grapefruit, Bergamot, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint and lavender essential oils. This treatment can be combined with our Lumicell Wave 6 Cellulite and Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment. Great if your already on your weight loss journey or as a booster to get you started.

Classic Full Body Massage

This is the traditional slow relaxing massage and involves the use of specific blends of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil to treat many concerns such as colds and flu’s, insomnia, PMS, helps calm emotions and sore tired muscles. The aromatherapeutic effects of the smell of the oils create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Fully Body Spa Mosaic Massage

This exquisite treatment combines unique oriental massage techniques with Aromatic Massage Balms to give you a full body and scalp massage like you’ve never experienced before. Each massage is customised to one of the theme’s – relax, flow, detox or tonic.

Pnematicmassage and Ultrasound Treatment

This massage is used mainly for legs, a powerful vacuum assisted deep tissue massage releases lymphatic blockages stimulates blood flow combined with infrared light wavelengths gently warming the tissue increasing circulation, oxygen and blood flow. The benefits of ultrasound are broad, it can be used for a large range of issues. The heating and relaxing benefits help to alleviate muscle pain. The gel is applied to the area of concern and the probe is rubbed around the affected area.

30 min Custom Made Massage

Your Therapist will work on relaxing those tight muscles and restoring your flexibility and wellbeing. Your 30 mins of massage custom made to suit you. The choice is yours.

Sea Clay Body Wrap

Relax, detoxify and slim down with this warm clay body wrap, be cocooned in hot towels soaked in a detoxifying sea clay – Enjoy the benefits and feel the instant results.


A revolutionary body treatment device using the latest and finest technological advances. Lumicell Wave 6 combines for non-invasive technologies, working together in synergy to target celulite aspects related problems including heavy legs, orange peel appearance, dimpling skin, rippling of the inner thighs, localised fat deposits, skin contour irregularities.

Bodyshock® by Mesoestetic: range of custom-made body solutions

Fully-personalised protocol that improves cellulite, localised fat, flaccidity and stretch marks.

Aesthetic treatment indicated to improve the silhouette’s appearance in different areas of the body: The treatment is topical and targets specific areas. Using ultra-concentrated active ingredients the bodyshock® body treatment can treat a variety of area including:

Double chin: It reflects signs of flaccidity as a result of excessive fat tissue, either due to hereditary reasons or premature ageing from sun exposure.

Arms: There is a loss of firmness, causing the tissue to sag, mostly and easily visible in the triceps.

Abdomen and sides: There is a loss of tissue firmness and a localised accumulation of fat in both the front and sides.

Buttocks: They present a loss of firmness and signs of flaccidity.

Legs: They have a tendency to retain liquids and form fat nodules, generating the so-called orange peel skin.

Body Essentials

An invigorating body exfoliation to reveal softer smoother skin, followed by a massage to de-stress.

Skin Plus Specialist Massage & Mask

The stress relieving massage. We all deserve it. This full body massage combines elements of Swedish, Thai & Huna massage easing away stress and tension. At the end of the massage you’re cocooned in a moisturising body mask whilst a pressure point drainage massage is performed on the face to complete this therapeutic and holistic treatment.

Decleor Massage at Skin Plus Bunbury