Our Eye Treatments

Think your lines have gone past all of that?

Then, look at IPL or add on a specialised eye mask to your next facial, for an amazing rejuvenation of the area. Please ask us for further information about our eye treatments and prices to help you look after this special part of your face.

Eyebrow Tint

Add an eyebrow tint when you have your eyebrow wax.

Our eyebrow hairs are a mix of coloured and fair hairs and can sometimes look faded and patchy. Simply tinting your eyebrow to match can make your eyebrows appear fuller, thicker and when waxed look perfect. Now available in many shades your hair colour perfectly.

Richly Pigmented, Long-Lasting and Carefully Formulated Eyebrow Henna

Brow Code’s high-quality henna formulation delivers bold, defined, and long-lasting results and is perfect for any skin type or tone.

Extra-Long-Lasting and Richly Pigmented Hybrid Dye

Brow Code’s Stain Hybrid Dye has been developed to leave a mark on the Professional Brow Industry. This hybrid brow product is an innovative formula that achieves extra-long-lasting results.

All your staining dreams have come true, thanks to Brow Code’s Hybrid Dye. Introducing an innovative Dye designed to achieve richly pigmented and long-lasting results like Henna. Hybrid Dye offers the power and intensity of henna with the ease of a tint.

Eyelash Tint

An eyelash tint can be cone in many colours from brown to a gorgeous sensual black with blue or violet mixed in. This is simple treatment which will totally open up your eyes. Imagine through summer not looking washed out when swimming, etc.

A summer must have – always looking like you’ve got mascara on!

Eye Brightening Combination

When you need a complete reshape and design of your eye area.

Eyebrow Waxing

See our waxing page.

Other Eye Services

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