Before and After IPL Treatment

Information and Instruction Sheet


Quick, warm showers are recommended. If areas are treated other than the facial area, hot baths and showers are not advised for 24 hours after treatment.


Cold packs, aloe vera or any other cooling preparations may be used to ease temporary discomfort.

Sun Exposure

Prolonged sun exposure is to be avoided for 4 weeks before treatment and then for the following 4 weeks. SPF 30+ must be worn during the day at all times.


There is a slight possibility in developing a crust or blister.  This is superficial, rarely results in any scarring and is treated like sun burn or any other blister.


Swelling may occur immediately after the treatment or within 24 hours post treatment. This is temporary and not harmful. Cold packs or an over the counter hydrocortisone preparations such as Dermaid soft 0.5% may be used to reduce swelling. As an IPL client you have the bonus of being able to have the Healite 11 LED light therapy treatment for a reduced price after any IPL treatment which will help reduce swelling and speed up recovery.  Ask your Therapist about the Healite 11.


Scarring is extremely rare and it is important to follow all the post treatment instructions carefully in order to prevent infection.

Pigment Changes

There is a slight possibility that some clients might experience pigment change on treated areas. This is generally temporary and will fade within 1-24 months.

Who performs the treatments?

Experience Paramedical and Dermal Therapists. Consultations and all treatments will be carried out by our experienced Paramedical or Dermal Therapists.

What will it cost me to have treatments?

At the Natural Beauty Spot, we strive to provide you with the best possible treatment regime at the most affordable rates. Prices vary depending on the surface area and density of hairs in the area you wish to treat. For example, a client who wishes to treat her legs may have quite a few areas where hair does not grow, and in this case we would quote them less than a client who needs us to cover the entire area. Please call us for a complimentary consultation so that we may assess the complete area and be able to give you a price quote once we know exactly what you would like to treat and what your hair removal goals are.

What type of hair can IPL treat?

IPL can treat all hair types and hair depths. Although dark hair on pale skin is the perfect scenario we can treat all colours of hair (except white or grey) as long as the hair is darker than the skin colour.

Is this safe for all skin types?

IPL is the first hair removal procedure proven to effectively treat unwanted hair on all skin types, including dark skinned individuals such as those of African, Middle Eastern and Asian descent.

Is IPL treatment safe?

Yes, it is very safe. Some people may experience mild reddening of the treatment area for a day or so after treatment but other complications are rare. The Intense Pulsed Light system delivers energy to the skin very gently.

In Australia, the Lutronic Solari IPL system which is used in the Skin Plus Beauty / Natural Beauty Spot Clinic is TGA approved and also cleared to marker for the treatment of a wide range of vascular and pigmented lesions.

Don’t be tricked into the $49 treatment….

In the wrong hands IPL can cause burns, permanent scarring and long term damage (as seen below) or simply wasted money due to ineffective treatments.

IPL machines vary considerably (this is often reflected in the treatment price) and, therefore, IPL results can vary considerably. Results will also vary depending on experience, knowledge and training of the operator – Our IPL Therapists are trained to know why, when and how to change the treatment settings for optimal results and safety.

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