Eyelash Lifting

Our Eyelash Lifting is great and available at Skin Plus.

Eyelash perming is the best way to get fuller more glamorous looking eyelashes that won’t wash away.
Eyelash Perming by Skin Plus Beauty
Eyelash Lifting with collagen and cysteine gives your eyelashes a wonderful curl, making the eyes seem larger and more expressive. Eyelash Lifting gently nourishes and forms the eyelashes into the curl that can last up to 6 weeks.  Collagen along with the amino acid cysteine is proved to contribute to hair development and with these active ingredients will nourish and protect your eyelashes during the treatment, allowing your eyelashes to appear fuller.

 Eyelash Perming by Skin Plus Beauty - Before Eyelash Perm
Before Eyelash Perm
 Eyelash Perming by Skin Plus Beauty - After Eyelash Perm
After Eyelash Perm

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Elleebana’s One Shot Lash Lift system shines as the top choice in the world of lash treatments. Renowned as the world’s best lash lift system, it has garnered the trust of beauty experts in around 60 countries. With a reputation that precedes it, One Shot is truly in a league of its own.

Lash lifts have become a go-to choice for achieving longer and more defined natural lashes. They provide an effortless, low maintenance alternative to lash extensions and daily mascara. For 25 years, Elleebana’s One Shot Lash Lift system has delivered fast and consistent results further encouraging the treatments popularity.

What makes One Shot Different?

With multiple awards to its name, Elleebana One Shot has earned its place as the world’s best lash lift system. These awards showcase innovation, quality and dedicated effort in crafting an outstanding lash lift system within a saturated space.

In Conclusion

Being rated as the world’s best lash lift system is not merely a label, but a testament to the thousands who choose it daily. This recognition reassures even the newest lash artist that they are investing in a quality product.

With a global network of trust, a collection of awards and the title of world’s best lash lift, One Shot continues to stand the test of time and set the bar for lash lift systems.