Omnilux Light TherapyLight therapy, the story, so far…

The leading light therapy was developed in the UK after 12 years of extensive medical research. This research at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research led to the production of a pure red light source that, when combined with a cream, would kill certain types of skin cancer cells.

During this work, scientists observed that the light on its own had a stimulating effect on cell and tissue regeneration which greatly improved the appearance of the skin. This observation has led to the development of the Light Therapy technology.

Light therapy is a relatively new technology based on using a narrowband of light delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The light technology works because cells within the body contain receptors that absorb light naturally.

When the body is exposed to light, these receptors absorb the light waves and kick start a cellular response.  Different wavelengths of light will stimulate different cellular responses within the cell.

The red light acts to energise, rejuvenate and repair damaged skin and uneven skin tone, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It delivers a precise wavelength of visible red light that penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate fibroblast activity that naturally boosts the production of collagen (the protein responsible for plump, healthy skin).

Photo Facial

Booster Facial

Turn Back Time Facial

Medi–Spa Facial

The Advantages of Light Therapy are:

  • Naturally stimulates the body’s own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation
  • Not a laser or IPL so there is no heat, no side effects nor downtime
  • Painless, pleasant and quick treatment time (20 minutes)
  • Non invasive , non ablative safe therapy
  • No damage to sub-dermal tissue
  • Relaxing and calming experience
  • Compatible with existing skin rejuvenation techniques such as IPL laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery such as blepharoplasty, breast reduction and augmentation.

Skin Plus has incorporated Light Therapy into their treatments for over 4 years and has continued to explore different concerns that are able to be treated with Light Therapy. Amazing results have been seen, mainly using a combination of the Light Therapy in conjunction with other treatments. Also, Skin Plus has found that when used pre and post injectables, IPL or microdermabrasion treatments;  Light Therapy treatments will not only enhance results but reduce healing time.

For best results, a course of 9 treatments is recommended spaced over 4 weeks. Why not take advantage of our packages and buy Light Therapy treatments and receive 9thFree. This will maximise your results and by combining the course with cosmeceutical skincare products you will be extending the results!

Light Therapy and Lactic Acid Peel Package (9 Treatments)

Light Therapy is an excellent add on to any facial or microdermabrasion to assist and prolong the results. A great saving and a beneficial way to keep your results up after your course each month or as a standalone treatment!