Skin Plus Bunbury, Your Beauty SalonMedi-Spa Facials are specifically designed to treat more than one concern at a time. Combining intensive treatments such as Peels, Microdermabrasion,
IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Manual Lymph Drainage Massage, Medi-Spa facials can and will change the quality and clarity of your skin.

Prior to any Medi-Spa Facials your advanced therapist will assess your skin using the Plastic skin analysis method and, together with you, ascertain what your main concerns are allowing us to plan an active treatment course for you which will enable your skin to show immediate signs of improvement.

All Medi-Spa Facials are able to individualised and therefore different Peels or Omnilux Light therapies may be substituted for the Peels and Omnilux Light therapies listed if your skin requires it. Your therapist, prior to your treatment, will discuss with you your skin’s needs and if there is any difference in cost.

Photo Facial

Allow 40 minutes

Photofacials include:

  • Double cleanse
  • Omnilux Revive treatment
  • Monoderma Vitamin infusion
  • Hydrating Eye Serum

Skin Plus Beauty Bunbury - Medi-Spa Facials and moreCompleted with an application of SPF 30 for your face, neck and hands.

Omnilux Booster Facial

Allow 75 mins

Want optimum long lasting results in one hour? Including;

  • Double cleanse
  • Lactic acid peel
  • Omnilux Revive treatment
  • Monoderma vitamin infusion
  • Massage with luxurious ceremides
  • Moisture infusing mask

Completed with an application of SPF 30 for your face, neck and hands.

Turn Back Time Facial (allow 90 minutes)

The perfect balance between relaxation and correction for the skin and body…. lay back and experience

  • Our customised pure essential oil back, neck and shoulder massage
  • A Priori AHA/LCA peel
  • An Omnilux Revive
  • Monoderma vitamin infusion
  • Uplifting facial massage
  • Replenishing mask

Ultimate Turn Back Time Package

Day 1 – Skin assessment + Omnilux Revive

Day 2 – IPL full face photo rejuvenation treatment

Day 10 – Omnilux Revive treatment and peel

After many years of performing IPL and Omnilux treatments on our clients, we have trialled programs and found that combining Omnilux treatments pre and post IPL photo rejuvenation improves the skins response mechanism and lymphatic system for a faster recovery and a longer lasting result.

As its name suggests this medi-spa facial is the GO TO treatment for a skin overhaul!  Intensive and relaxing, its anti ageing at its best, including;

  • Our customised pure essential oil back, neck and shoulder massage
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion for the face and neck area.
  • An Omnilux Revive
  • Monoderma vitamin infusion
  • Luxurious facial massage with ceremides
  • Moisture infusing mask

While your skin is loving the whole experience your arms and hands will be exfoliated and hydrated.
Nothing beats this facial!

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