Medi-Spa Facials

Skin Plus Bunbury, Your Beauty SalonMedi-Spa Facials are specifically designed to treat more than one concern at a time. Combining intensive treatments such as Peels, Microdermabrasion,
IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Manual Lymph Drainage Massage, Medi-Spa facials can and will change the quality and clarity of your skin.

Together with you, we will work to ascertain what your main concerns are allowing us to plan an active treatment course for you which will enable your skin to show immediate signs of improvement.

All Medi-Spa Facials are able to individualised and therefore different Peels or Healite 11 Light therapies may be substituted for the Peels and Light therapies listed if your skin requires it. Your therapist, prior to your treatment, will discuss with you your skin’s needs and if there is any difference in cost.

Healite 11 Photfacial

Discover the true science of LED phototherapy.

Faster healing, sin rejuvenation, acne reduction, pain reduction and more! Therapeutic use of LED light to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery and stimulation.  This pain free non invasive treatment is our most popular facial treatment either alone or as a mixed modality to increase results even more!!

Book for a Healite – our shorter less inclusive treatment or indulge and see for yourself why the Healite Plus is the salon favourite

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(40 minutes)

Microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical exfoliation technique used to remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. Is a mechanical process that ablates the skin, infusing topical solution as it goes then immediately vacuums away the dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. The treatment helps to improve irregularities on the surface of the skin and to fine lines, pigmentation, conngestion, marks and shallow acne scars.




Providing your skin with the necessary tools needed to slow, and even reverse the major signs of ageing without any painful procedures, downtime irritating side-effects. Results are visible usually after one treatment! Fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably softened.

This system offers an innovative proprietary remodeling treatment by combining the synergy of five scientifically proven technologies, for outstanding results.

RMD specifically addresses the most important factors associated with facial aging by providing effective, non-invasive facial rejuvenation, which restores and tones the facial and neck muscles promotes new collagen synthesis, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and repairs the extracellular matrix by restoring the dermal density.


High tech treatments for the face and neck, combining highly illuminating, regenerating, renewing and anti-deep wrinkle properties.

Mesotherapy with MCT injector

The MCT injector uses mesotherapy to give the physician a complete tool to perform multiple facial and body treatments. The injection program enables tracer mesotherapy to be carried out, regulating the volume injected, the speed of retrograde injection and the injection depth. The treatment used in conjunction with mesohyal injectable ampoules, safely and efficiently  correct the individual client. Treated areas include, forehead and glabella, periorbital area, periocular area, preauricular area, neck and neckline, hands, facial contour, nasolabial fold, lip area, arms, back, abdomen, lumbar region, flanks, buttocks, thighs and knees.


A cosmetic treatment that acts directly on the signs of fatigue and ageing.  Helps to promote the body’s natural defences and cell regeneration mechanisms.  An immediate effect skin rejuvenation treatment. Can be done as a one off treatment or as a treatment set of five 10 days apart.

Mesoéclat is a powerful, rapid-acting skin rejuvenation treatment developed by world renowned skin company Mesoestetic. The Mesoéclat method has been specifically designed to stimulate the production of body’s natural defences and cell generation mechanisms which aid in fighting against the signs of fatigue and ageing, resulting in brighter, softer and more uniform looking skin. The Mesoéclat method is a multi-functional treatment made up of 3 complementary systems; the Mesoéclat rejuvenation peel solutions, Mesoéclat rejuvenation formula ampoule, and Mesoéclat rejuvenation maintenance cream. Each of the complementary steps of the peel facial treatment system, contains synergistic active ingredients the when used together, will stimulate the renewal of the skin surface layers of the epidermis, re-hydrate the skin from the inside out and eliminate fine lines and expression wrinkles and reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone.


The treatment is an invasive procedure that uses a pen-like device with tiny needles to make microscopic punctures in the skin. The purpose of pen needling is to stimulate the natural wound-healing process and the production of new collagen and elastin. Pen needling is also known as collagen-induction therapy.

Skin needling is also called micro-needling therapy or collagen induction therapy. It is a minimally-invasive non-surgical and nonablative procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves the use of a micro-needling device to create a controlled skin injury.

Professional skin needling is considered to be one of the safest skin treatment procedures. Unlike chemical peelsdermabrasion and laser treatments, skin needling causes minimal damage to the skin

Each fine needle punctures the skin, it creates a channel or micro-wound. The microchannels created spontaneously close quite quickly so that epidermal barrier integrity remains intact.

The needles injure superficial dermal collagen strands and small blood vessels triggering a controlled cascade of inflammation including the release of platelet-derived growth factors transforming growth factor-alpha and beta (TGF β-3), connective tissue activating protein, connective tissue growth factor, and fibroblast growth factor. These lead to the production of new collagen, elastin, and capillaries.

Neovascularisation and neocollagenesis lead to thickened skin and a reduction of scars, with improved skin texture, firmness, and hydration. 

Skin needling is effectively used for:

Microneedle technology also offers a minimally invasive and painless route of transdermal delivery of solutions. To enhance transdermal delivery, microneedles can be inserted into the skin to increase its permeability, after which appropriate solution is applied to the skin.

Skin needling’s benefits are listed below.

  • It is used to minimise the appearance of scars from acne, surgery, thermal burns, chickenpox, or trauma.
  • Skin needling is used for facial rejuvenation and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, texture, and pigmentation.
  • There is a reduced risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring with skin needling compared to more invasive procedures, and as such, it is safer on ethnic or dark skin.
  • It is suitable for thin and sensitive skin.
  • The treatment can be performed in an office setting and does not need any extensive special training or expensive instruments.
  • The procedure is well tolerated and well accepted by patients.
  • It is cost-effective and can be done on areas of skin that are not suitable for peeling or laser resurfacing, such as near eyes.
  • As opposed to ablative laser resurfacing, the epidermis remains intact and is not damaged.
  • Treatment does not result in a line of demarcation between treated and untreated skin, as can occur with other resurfacing procedures. This allows for specific areas of scarring to be treated without the need to ‘blend’ or ‘feather’ at the treatment edges.
  • The patient can resume regular activities within a days, depending on the depth of penetration of the needles.

Mesoestetic Infusion Facials” (Anti-oxidant Treatments) Global anti-ageing professional treatment for the face and neck containing the innovative recovery complex, a unique combination of active substances selected for their antioxidant, protecting and restorative properties of cellular DNA.


Cosmelan, is the world’s leading professional depigmentation method for treating the most severe and stubborn skin spots. Excellent results in the short and long term thanks to its unique dual action mechanism: corrective and regulatory. On the one hand, it eliminates the visible spot, but also acts on the source of the problem, regulating the overproduction of pigment to prevent its reappearance. The Cosmelan method is a topical treatment lasting approximately 6 months that combines a single salon session with the at-home treatment necessary to obtain optimum results. The treatment is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome.

One treatment with a take home after care pack

Healite II

Offered as a relaxing facial, or add onto another facial treatment or  stand alone treatment.


This is a deep exfoliation treatment which helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, and remove “peach fuzz”. The treatment also includes Led Light Therapy with a delightful hand and arm massage and Facial massage to nourish the skin.

Our Specialist Male CUT-THROAT FACIAL

  • Starting with a traditional straight razor to deliver an ultra close shave preparing the skin as you move into the
  • Healite II an LED photofacial promoting and enhancing your skin’s rejuvenation from a cellular level whilst moving you into a deep state of relaxation, whilst enjoying a head massage with a special bend of oils specifically formulated for the scalp
  • from here
  • your taken into a journey to awaken your senses with the different aromatic smells as you enjoy a facial massage with a warmed balm from our gorgeous “Scrivner for Men” range
  • Finishing with cooling mask enjoying the stillness before getting ready to face the day NS

A facial treatment for a male looking for a perfect clean shave. Cut-throat razors have been proven to be less irritating to the skin then a regular razor. This facial includes LED light therapy!


Specialised peels to target certain skin needs, including a unique crystal fibre mask for cellular activation & deep moisturisation.


for dull skin, scaring, wrinkles and skin tone


for blemish and acne prone skin


for pigmented and uneven skin tone


A unique resurfacing peel with latest blading technique.  With our blading exfoliation and multi-layer peel and a Healite LED therapy this professional treatment will be tailored to your skins needs providing instant results.

  • One Treatment


  • Series of 6 Treatments ( Includes complimentary product)


Genuine skin treatment ‘Solari’ multiple wavelength, Solari offers new light treatments for skin problems. Our device incorporates six cut of filters which allows our therapists to perform precise treatments for the most skin problems giving excellent clinical results. Invasive treatment but treat skin damage without destruction of the skin surface. Offers long-term results in the treatment of aged spots, pigmentation, broken capillaries, acne etc. 

  • Full Face
  • Décolletage
  • Face/Neck/Décolletage
  • Neck “Our Amazing necklift”              
  • Hands
  • Spot Treatment & Vascular

The Skin Plus Facial

Our signature facial that includes – cleanse, exfoliation, face and décolletage massage + Treatment masque.  

Goddess Package

Combine a wonderfully relaxing full body massage with your personally customised Skin Plus Facial and a Deluxe Pedicure.  This will leave you feeling renewed, delivering exceptional results and wellbeing.


all skin types will benefit from this enriching facial will infuse the skin with antioxidants & essential fatty acids including a massage to deliver the serums into the skin before the mask locks this precious moisture into the skin.

While your skin is loving the whole experience your arms and hands will be exfoliated and hydrated.
Nothing beats this facial!

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