Floatation Therapy where you really can float your pain and stress away!Floatation Tank at Skin Plus Beauty Salon

Float tanks are not new having been around since the 1950’s. The Australian Institute of Sport has been using float tanks for many years to aid in their athlete’s recovery and help maintain their peak fitness. You don’t have to go all the way to Canberra or be an elite athlete to get the benefit of a float tank therapy, Skin Plus right here in Bunbury has 2 of the very same types of float tanks that the AIS use.  See our price page.

Floating is great for stress, back pain relief, relaxation and reduces muscle pain.

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“Most importantly, the float tank is not a hypothetical laboratory phenomenon, but a viable, proven technology”
Dr Henry Adams, NIMH, Washington

In 1983 the A.I.S. Sports Psychology Unit installed its first salt water floatation tank.

“Floating appears to be an excellent way to reduce stress levels. Floating permits the increase secretion of endorphins (the body’s natural opiates-substances which induce a state of wellbeing and have an analgesic effect) at the same time as it reduces the number of stress related neurochemicals such as adrenaline, norpinephrine, ACTH and cortisol”.
Extract from Floatation Therapy Current Concepts Jeremy Bond, Head of the Sport Psychology Unit, A.I.S.

“Second best thing to being in Heaven”
Richard Jones, Australian Senator

What is Floatation Therapy?

Floating is a revolutionary therapeutic experience that offers a natural place for relieving pain, improving sleep, and resetting balance for mind and body. Floating consists of lying in a pod filled with water and Epsom salt.  The high salt content allows anyone to float effortlessly.

You lay back with all areas of your body firmly supported in the salty water. Your muscles can totally relax not having to fight gravity which is one of the biggest causes of wear and tear to your joints, bones and body tissues. Muscle tension and pain melts away as you float weightlessly similar to the sensation an astronaut feels in zero gravity.

The temperature of the water in a float tank is set to 27 degrees or skin temperature making it difficult to tell where the water and your skin starts and stops. The silence and darkness allows your mind to drift into the deepest possible state of relaxation enabling one to experience the positive effects of deep meditation without effort while healing and detoxifying the body.


Floatation tank is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation method called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (REST). Floation tanks were first developed back in 1954 by John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and neuro-psychiatrist. Lilly commenced experiments with sensory deprivation while training at the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) in Washington.  With all external distractions are removed, sights, tactile sensations, sounds and gravity; your body can now achieve a total state of relaxation.

Why float? – Floatation Therapy Benefits

Floatation Therapy has many positive results and pretty much everyone can benefit from it. The benefits are both physical and mental. Why wait? Book your floating session and live the pain free life you deserve.

• Improves sleep quality naturally
• Eliminates fatigue & jet lag
• Detoxify
• Improves sports performance
• Improves memory and learning
• Relieves pain, tension & stress
• Softer Skin
• Decrease recovery time from injuries
• Improves mental clarity & focus
• Loosen muscles, creating better flexibility
• Alleviate PMS & menopausal symptoms

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What’s in a name?

Float tank can also called by many other names according to Wikipedia.

  • Floatation tank
  • Floating tank
  • Isolation tank
  • Sensory deprivation tank
  • John C. Lilly tank (after the founder)
  • REST tank
  • Sensory attenuation tank.

Whatever name you wish to use, float tanks are perfect for stress relieve, pain, meditation and relaxation.

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