Why Does My Skin Feel Dry After Winter?

Skin Remodeling at Skin Plus BunburyWhile winter is a great season for cosy night son the couch, hot soup and warm clothes, it is usually not our skins favourite season. If your skin feels or looks dry, rough, tight or red during winter, you aren’t alone. Winter is notorious for leaving most of us with dry skin. The good news though is with the right skincare routine, it’s possible to maintain hydrated, soft and healthy skin throughout winter.

Read on to learn more about why your skin feels dry during winter including:

  • What happens to your skin during winter?
  • How do I know I have dry skin?
  • How do I treat dry skin?

What happens to your skin during winter?

Oil production in our skin is vital for holding onto moisture, however, our skins oil production is naturally less during winter months. This paired with the reduction in humidity in the air, the use of heating in our homes/workplaces and hot showers and baths results in a compounding effect of moisture being lost from the skin resulting in it becoming dry.

How do I know I have dry skin?

For some people, their skin during winter may have a general tight, dry feeling and be rough to touch. Visibly, fine lines can become more noticeable and the skins tone can appear dull. As dry skin continues to escalate, the skin can become itchy or tingly and flaking and cracks can appear. Open skin can serve as entry points for bacteria and thus increase one’s risk of infection.

How do I treat dry skin?

Gorgeous treatments by Skin Plus Bunbury Beauty SalonGlowing and healthy skin is possible during winter. Using a skincare routine twice daily is the key to maintaining your skin and by simply adding in a few extra skincare steps you can take your skin from good to great. A daily skincare routine should consist of a cleanser, toner, eye cream, day and night cream. Unless your skin is oily, use a cream cleanser rather than a foaming cleanser during winter to avoid stripping any extra oil from the skin. Help to increase the skins hydration by using a hydrating serum underneath your day and night cream and consider switching to a more intense moisturiser during the winter months.

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