Makeup workshops, a fun girl’s night out!

Makeup by Skin Plus Beauty & IPL Clinic

  • Whether you want to learn the basics of makeup
  • you want to improve your makeup skills,
  • or just have a fun time with some girls friends and learn a thing or two

Attending a makeup workshop can help you. With Skin Plus Beauty Salon’s makeup workshops, you’ll discover wonderful tips, techniques and methods about makeup you wouldn’t normally learn. Makeup can be applied for every day, night or for a dramatic effect and it’s for everyone but remember, it takes the right makeup to bring out the best in you.

Skin Plus Beauty Salon’s Makeup Workshops

Your makeup should complement your facial features and your skin tone. You shouldn’t use a makeup just because it is your favourite shade of colour, that won’t always work for you.

Your makeup should bring out the best in your facial feature; it should enhance your appearance and not hide your best asset. This is where makeup workshops can help you. It is a cross between a fun girls night out and an interactive training session. Our makeup workshop is a fun way to learn the basics of makeup or improve your skills because you get to interact, try the tips and generally have a play while learning the expert tips about makeup.

Makeup workshops can enhance your skills – perfect for everyone. Makeup workshops offer tutorials, training and techniques to participants. We teach you the do’s and don’ts of makeup and the best thing about make up workshop is we can teach you to maximise the use of makeup without over spending!

Fun Night out

Skin Plus Beauty Salon runs makeup workshops out of hours and booking as essential. Isn’t time you have a really nice girl’s catch up? Why not have fun and learn something too. Skin Plus Beauty Salon is centrally located in Bunbury and the perfect place to  get valuable makeup tips.

Makeup workshops, a fun girls night out!

Why don’t you book a makeup workshop? Get 3 friends or more together and book one of our custom made makeup workshop, learn and have fun too.

For makeup workshops, call Skin Plus Beauty Salon. We offer a range of makeup workshops, book now.