January Float Competition

Win a Free 6 Float Pass to
Skin Plus Floatation Centre Bunbury

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Win Float Bunbury - Skin Plus Floatation Centre

Enter our Free January prize draw by clickin on the image above, where one lucky winner will get a free 6 floatation pass to Skin Plus Floatation Centre Bunbury.

When the prize draw closes on January 31st one lucky winner will be drawn at random and will win the free pass.

Benefits of floating? – Why float?

Floating is great and just about everyone can benefit from it. The benefits are both mental and physical. Here are some of the benefits

• Improves your sleep quality
• Eliminates jet lag and fatigue
• Detoxifies
• Improves your sports performance
• Improves  learning and memory
• Relieves tension, pain and stress
• Softer Skin
• Decrease injury recovery time
• Improves mental clarity and focus
• Creates better flexibility and loosen muscles
• Alleviate PMS and menopausal symptoms

Go to our Float Tanks page for full details.

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Do you have questions on floating? See our FAQ page or ring Skin Plus Floatation Centre Bunbury.