Float at Skin Plus Float Centre Bunbury and Save

Floatation Tank where you really can float your pain and stress away!Float in Bunbury for $50 – 60 mins or a Sports recovery float $40 for 40 mins.
Booking essential.

Enjoy the benefits of floating at Skin Plus Flotation Centre Bunbury book now on 9791 9417

You will have your own private float tank pod and shower.

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Your Body

Floatation is a relaxation and pain management technique has been extensively researched. Since 1983 the Australian Institute of Sport – Sport Psychology Unit has been using floatation tanks.

The benefits of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) is well documented and floating is now a common way of increasing performance and recovery in athletes throughout the world, you can enjoy these benefits right here in Bunbury at Skin Plus Float Centre Bunbury.

Floating is great for

  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Mediation
  • Fatigue and Jet Lag
  • Reduce Time Needed for Recovery

Read the full list of benefits on our float tank page

Skin Plus Float Centre Bunbury

The water temperature in a float tank is 27 degrees C (which is normal skin temperature) so this makes it difficult for your brain to tell where the water starts and your skin stops. This gives you that perfect floating, out of space feeling. The darkness and silence allows your mind to switch off and not be bombarded with the constant stimulus of modern day living, allowing you to drift into the deepest relaxation state possible. You will experience the positive effects of deep this meditation without effort while detoxifying and healing the body, gently and naturally.

Give floating a go!

At Skin Plus Float Centre Bunbury offer single floats and package deals too.

You get a whole hour float for only $50 or  $40 for a 40 mins sports recovery float. Our friendly trained staff will guide you through the process so you are completely comfortable and you have your float and feel the immediate benefits.

Booking essential ring Skin Plus Float Centre Bunbury on 9791 9417.

Give floating a go!

Booking essential ring Skin Plus Float Centre Bunbury on 9791 9417.