What to expect after you float in Bunbury?

floating tipYou’ve decided to give floatation therapy a try. Great – it is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Floating gives you a different kind of relaxation, the kind like you feel you are lost in space. In darkness, it’s easy to imagine that you are drifting in the vast universe and when you float, the feeling is the same.

Ready to float?

Did you know that Skin Plus Floatation Centre is located right here in Bunbury at Unit 1/35 Carey St, Bunbury.

For first timers, the experience can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Apart from the fact that you don’t know what to do inside the float tank, you also want to know what to expect after your float. What will you feel? Will you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated perhaps? If you are wondering what to expect, here are the list of things about floating and the little ways in which it can change your life.

  • You’ll want to eat more! After an hour or two of nothingness, your taste buds will be firing and you’ll be looking for a handful of food. It is important to remind yourself that eating healthy is the best way to feed yourself after floating.
  • Makes you feel more productive. Did you know most people want to float on a at the end of the week? Because it lets them dissolve the stress of the past week and reset their body for the next week’s work. With a relaxed and rejuvenated body, you’re ready for Monday again!
  • Exercise ready body. Floating improves blood flow and releases muscle tension. Because of the gravity free environment, your body reduces lactic acid build up which causes your body to speed up its healing process if you are suffering from any kind of body injury.
  • Faster recovery from sports injuries.
  • Goodbye stress. Hello endorphins! Nothing can make you feel stressed. Floating offers a calming effect that can last for many days. Stuck in traffic? Just imagine you are floating in the silence of the float tank and you’ll feel more relax.

What to expect after you float?

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