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Massage & Body Treatments

Classic Full Body Massage

Massage at Skin Plus Bunbury This is the traditional slow relaxing massage and involves the use of specific blends of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil to treat many concerns such as colds and flu’s, insomnia, PMS, helps calm emotions and sore tired muscles. The aromatherapeutic effects of the smell of the oils create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. 60 mins

Fully Body Spa Mosaic Massage

This exquisite treatment combines unique oriental massage techniques with Decleor’s Aromatic Massage Balms to give you a full body and scalp massage like you’ve never experienced before. Each massage is customised to one of the theme’s – relax, flow, detox or tonic. 60mins

30 min Custom Made Massage

Traditionally focusing on the back, neck and shoulder areas where your Therapist will work on relaxing those tight muscles and restoring your flexibility and wellbeing. Your 30 mins of massage custom made to suit you. The choice is yours.

Decleor Massage at Skin Plus Bunbury15 min Destress Massage

The perfect lunchtime pick me up for those tight areas such as neck and shoulder… This will make your day and night so much easier….

15 mins

1.5 Hour Sea Clay Body Wrap

Relax, detoxify and slim down with this warm clay body wrap, be wrapped in hot bandages soaked in a detoxifying sea clay – Enjoy the benefits and feel the instant results.